Engineering Design

Engineering design is a process by which an end product is achieved. The exact process may vary from person to person. Each person will choose a process by which thier values will be considered.


Professional Statement

My engineering design process currently involves these steps:

  • Identify the problem

  • Subdivide it into key sub-problems

  • Generate solutions to the sub-problems

  • Piece sub-solutions together into a complete solution

However, this method is by no means perfected and continues to change as I gain more experience and learn more about engineering.


I have practiced engineering design as a process to complete many projects. Some projects I have chosen to demonstrate various aspects of my design process include a racing robot, a cardboard bridge, a product design project, and a computer application.


A strength of my design process is that it includes a lot of decomposition. This is primarily a recursive process: problems can be broken down further and further until it becomes trivial to solve.


However, this is also an area of development, since it can be difficult to break problems down into smaller ones. In order to make the problem solvable, we must make some assumptions.


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Engineering Design Portfolio

Engineering Design Portfolio

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